• Are you looking for a different way to celebrate ?
  • Do you have something to celebrate? A Hens or Bucks, A birthday ?
  • Are you looking to share unforgettable experiences with others ?

Wave of Your Life celebration Packages are designed to help you connect with other people in your life or celebrate a special occasion in a much more fulfilling and memorable way then other events you may have attended. Wave of your life celebration packages stay true to Phillips vision of a more connected world where people live with passion and purpose. Wave of your life believe the world needs more compassion, love and connection and that’s why they offer a celebration package aimed to help your group have the time of their life while connecting with each other. There will be fun, laughter, adventure and memories you have dreamed of.

Maybe you’re entering your 30’s or 40’s and want to experience something different? Are you getting married and want to share an amazing fun time with special people before you enter your marriage? We want to help you create the best experience possible where you can reflect on your life journey and find some direction for the next phase of your life while experiencing a world of fun all day.

  • Do you want to learn to surf? or discover secret beaches all over the coast?
  • Would you just like to relax in a spa, experience a connected meditation or spend some time in nature?
  • How about jumping out of a plane together?

We are professional adventure tailors. We want you to have the day of your life with special people by your side.
Choose one of our packages or contact us to tailor something to your needs.

Some of our packages on offer:

Hens or bucks go surfing

In leaps and Birthday bounds

Lifes an adventure

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