A Personal surf Sherpa for the day who will take the hard work out of surfing, showing you around some of the most beautiful surfing spots in the world. We do everything for you except catch waves.

Half Day experience: Buy Now for Only $397.00 AUD

Includes a 2.5 hour personalised one on one experience.

Full day experience: Buy Now for Only $597.00 AUD

Includes 5 hour personalised one on one experience.

All equipment supplied.


Phil will help you to become reconnected with yourself through nature as you discover waterholes, rainforests and embark on mountain walks and visit seaside secret locations together. A whole day of total natural bliss and self-care that includes being in nature, hot saunas combined with meditation, food for the soul and take home tasks you can do to keep your life in balance.

Full Day experience: Buy Now for Only $597.00 AUD, 5 hours

Can arrange transport if required.


It’s time to stop sitting back and let the world pass you by. Get out onto the edge of life and take the first step towards a life changing experience. Phil will be there to give you the push you need to start living life to the fullest. A day spent challenging yourself as you step off the edge of a building and enjoy a lunch one on one with Phil discussing how your first step over the edge begins to transform your life. Phil will help you visualise your next step forward.

Absailing and one on one experience with Phil 5 hours: Buy Now for Only $697.00 AUD

Includes absailing


It’s time to fly, let Phil take you on an adventure, the greatest one of all. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to fly? Go skydiving with Phil and learn to push past barriers that Phil will teach you to turn into fun. Once you go flying with Phil and do something you never imagined yourself doing then everything in life will seem easier. Fly towards your freedom with Phil today. Phil will personally take the leap with you.

Skydive adventure experience: Buy Now for Only $997.00 AUD


DO you know someone that needs to be pushed out of their comfort zone and have a life changing experience? We offer classy Gift Certificates that you can give to someone special. Please contact us and we can post this out immediately to you or to the person you want the gift sent to. If you need it within the next 24hours for a present then we can email it to you or them. We can add any special message you may have.