‘The People Who Are Crazy Enough to Think they Can Change the World Are the Ones Who Do’

Do you have a group or an event that you would like Philipp to speak at? Philipp has a purpose to help everyone step outside their comfort zones and become connected to their present lives and the world around them. His mission is to help others see that their lives can be and are an adventure. Philipp loves to talk with others about how he gave his life’s reins to passion and how it transformed his life.

Philipp can speak at your event about how to find you passion and purpose in life and follow it. If you have a group of people that you feel can benefit from an uplifting experience where dreams are encouraged and fears are removed then Phil will wake you up, get you off the treadmill of life & help you to start living a life that is passionate and filled with purpose. Contact today to discuss your next event or a group you might like to experience what Wave of Your Life has to offer.

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