Surf Sherpa: Free Consultation and Gift Discount

We do everything for you except catch waves!

Are you bored with life and ready for an adventure? Its time to try something new. Imagine a day dedicated just for you where you step outside your comfort zone in a supportive environment.

What the Surf Sherpa can do for you:

  • The Surf Sherpa will help you discover your passion for life.
  • Your own personal surf guide to take the hard work out of surfing, wax and carry your board, teach you about the ocean and surfing, take you to secret surf spots on the coast.
  • Learn to act out of your comfort zone and start living the life you dream about.
  •  Face your fears while having a day dedicated to you filled with fun and adventure.

The Surf Sherpa will do everything for you on a day completely dedicated to you…Imagine that! A day Just for you. 

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