Stevie oberwexer – World Traveller

I met Phil a few months ago and was surprised of his attitude in approaching new people like me. I was really happy to have met him, and it felt really easy for me to open up and talk very honest about my problems with him. I was even more surprised how Phil listened to me and always had a very good and helpful answer for me in each difficult time. I knew i could learn alot from him and would be stupid if I didn’t. I am a beginner in the surf world and the waves out there can be pretty impressive and powerful, Philipp always helped me feel safe by staying close by and kept dangerous situations under control. If Philipp wasn’t there to show me that everything takes time i would have given up with surfing.


Philipp taught me that if I wanted something I could do it and ride bigger waves. Now I have ridden waves that i never would have imagined because of Phil’s encouragement! His incredible power of motivation and support show me how far I can go if I want and that goals are here to reach! Sometimes I ask myself: how much energy has he left for me, but i feel that helping people to reach their full potential is what gives him more and more power. I highly suggest if you are looking to reach the next level in life, but you do not know how, I highly recommend connecting with Phil.

Teresa Lombardo

Phil is incredibly patient, very good at explaining and showing people what is needed to be done throughout the lesson. I had a bucket load of fun with him that afternoon, it was a very memorable experience for me. Phil will absolutely be the person I will contact for the surfing session the next time I will be at the Gold Coast . I will definitely see him for my next lesson.

Alvaro Loza

I guess it all started at a time I didn’t feel so well with the life that I was having at home. It felt like I wasn´t going anywhere, I had the opportunity to make a change and that’s when I met Philipp. One afternoon I went for a surfing session with Phil. We had a fun session at Kirra, not only for the waves and the weather, but also for the things I spoke to Phill about life. Since that afternoon we continued to have alot of conversations and exchanged ideas. It took me some time to process all we spoke about but once I returned home from my adventure I realised I had been stuck in life and I remembered everything Phil and I had spoken about. Phill helped me realise how unhappy I was living in a place where I don’t want to live and away from the things that I love most and studying a career that I don’t want to do all my life. He helped me to open my eyes and point me in the direction I want to be. Since spending time with Phil I´m a guy on a mission to get there.

Joe Brown – Web Developer | Designer and Conscious Marketer – Tuning into a higher perspective – Time for change

Phillip has worked for me as a motivator and a mentor to push me to do things that I had been avoiding for quite some time. Philipp is really passionate about what he does and connecting people to make a positive difference to others. Thanks Phil – Joe Brown

Jeanette Hargreaves – Owner/Operator, The Happy Chakra

I find Philipp to be enthusiastic, inspiring and motivational. Philipp helps you to live the best life by following your passion, directing you to your life’s purpose. Thank you Phil for all of your awesome advice that has kept me loving what I do.

Adrian Ramsay Design House: Architectural House Design, Fashion Design consultant, Systematic Innovation consultant

Philipp is one amazing guy, I have been fortunate to share business ventures with this visionary who is a driven achiever, he creates momentum and goodwill with business. Every time I get to spend time with Philipp I always leave feeling that I have so much more to give. Philipp is a shining example of what can be achieved when you have a dream. If you’re lucky enough to work or play in Philipp’s world you will be left with a sense of what a dream is and what it takes to make one come true. Philipp will apply his energy to helping you achieve your dream so that you can live a life of passion

Anna Almagro – Psychology graduate

Following your passion can be difficult when you’re not even sure what you are passionate about. This is how Phil helps! After one surfing lesson and a chat about what was important to me, Phil helped me realise what I knew all along. Part of Phil’s process seems to be that he understands people and therefore, seems to know just the right questions to ask. Once we could figure out what I was passionate about then we could start to bounce around ideas. What I thought was going to be an interesting morning turned out to be one that has inspired me to make a plan and start acting. I would highly recommend Phil if you are looking to make a change in your life!

Yanko Baltov – Solution Designer, Queensland Health

I am always impressed when working with Philipp on social projects, Philipp’s vision and enthusiasm inspires me to grow and bring out the best in me. He is remarkable as a motivational leader.

Neal Webb – Founder/Director at Energy Entertainments

Inspiration is a gift, a gift that gives you drive and focus to better yourself and your situation. Many of us become stuck and forget our passion, after my first surf with Philip from ‘Wave of your life’ I was pumped and ready to believe in my passion again.After hearing Philipps story and seeing his success I knew there was only one way to succeed. Now I’m on fire! I combine my passion for kung fu and fire to create entertaining shows all over Australia and the world. If you’re looking for inspiration or just a clearer picture on what path to follow, let Philip ask the right questions and ride your own wave to wherever you want to go. Philipp has the ability to make you believe in yourself and your passion. After surfing with Philipp I do have a greater passion for my performances and want to pursue my dreams.